RigWatch® Instrumentation and Equipment Condition Monitoring

Canrig has developed a suite of software solutions designed to transform rig site data into wellsite knowledge. Data is collected from a variety of sources such as surface and downhole instrumentation, automated equipment, tour sheets, reports and third-party service providers, before it is distributed using Canrig’s Web and mobile technologies.

RigWatch® Instrumentation

RigWatch® is the industry’s only comprehensive rig monitoring system with the ability to consolidate drilling, PVT, MWD and mudlogging data and interface with Canrig’s automated equipment. It allows wellsite personnel to have immediate access to data, improving the speed and accuracy of decision making.


myWells.com® brings data from an array of products together in one place to provide our customers with a Web-based view of their entire operation. Any data generated at the wellsite using RigWatch® Instrumentation can be transmitted to myWells.com® in real time.


RigWatch® Pulse is knowledge on the move. Stay in touch with wellsite operations by accessing your IADC tour sheets, daily morning reports and real-time drilling data on your mobile device.

The RigWatch® Suite has a 24/7 worldwide support center where customers have immediate access to technical personnel. All RigWatch® systems can be remotely accessed from this center for online troubleshooting. Many technical issues can be resolved using remote diagnostics without dispatching a technician to the wellsite.

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RigWatch® Equipment Condition Monitoring

When it comes to drilling, efficiency is the name of the game. But regularly scheduled maintenance of equipment is not always efficient. Sometimes it comes too early, and the rig experiences downtime even though everything is working perfectly. Sometimes it comes too late and big problems occur, which can be expensive to repair.

Canrig brings you predictive maintenance through RigWatch® ECM, our equipment condition monitoring system. With RigWatch® ECM, Canrig places sensors on rig machinery to gather information that determines how well the equipment is performing and when it might be due for maintenance.

RigWatch® ECM improves rig reliability by monitoring and issuing alerts about the network health of the rig controls. This information is fed into a computer on the rig, then transmitted to a satellite ground system so it can be accessed any time via myWells.com®, Canrig’s Internet portal. The information can then be accessed and viewed by key decision-makers on the rig or at remote locations.

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RigWatch® Fuel Management

As diesel prices go up, conserving fuel to save money is top of mind among operators. At the same time, burning diesel may contribute to global climate change, making reduced emissions a high priority. Canrig understands that the essence of fuel economy in today’s world is saving both money and the environment.

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