Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM)

Canrig offers a line of advanced drilling performance tools that enhance drilling performance. These tools save drilling time and reduce cost by using state-of-the-art technology delivered through our equipment.

Top Drive Equipment Condition Monitoring (ECM)

With ECM, Canrig places sensors on rig machinery to gather information that determines how well the equipment is performing and when it might be due for maintenance. This information is stored and displayed at rig site using our RigWatch® platform and can be transmitted and accessed remotely any time via® or the RigWatch Pulse® application for smartphones.


  • Real-time oil quality monitoring allowing condition-based maintenance that eliminates oil sampling
  • Reduces downtime & unplanned maintenance
  • Identifies problems before they occur so maintenance can be scheduled as needed
  • Ability to upgrade and maintain PLC programs remotely
  • Assist on-site technicians remotely
  • Detects out-of-tolerance operation conditions
  • Local and remote alarms with notification system
  • Alarm Historian


Diesel Engine ECM and Fueltool™

A system comprised of sophisticated hardware, purpose-built software and web-based data collection that allows rig site personnel to proactively monitor and efficiently manage engines and fuel consumption.


  • Reduces fuel cost - Up to 600 gallons of fuel per day in the U.S.
  • Reduces Carbon footprint - 30% emissions reduction
  • Reduces engine hours - Averaging 15% reduction
  • Fuel usage over time historian
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