DrillSmart™ Automatic Driller

Canrig's best-in-class automatic driller is based on proprietary technology that allows the system to adapt to operating parameters and drilling conditions while optimizing performance.


  • Based on patented technology
  • Utilizes proprietary equations and advanced algorithms
  • Mimics intuitive decision making by experienced human drillers

Control Parameters:

  • Rate of penetration
  • Weight-on-bit
  • Differential pressure
  • Torque


  • Drillers who have used DrillSmart typically experience increased rate of penetration.
  • The system’s real-time technology makes it possible to hold drilling parameters within strict tolerance bands, as well as providing for smooth control to reduce wear and tearon drilling equipment.
  • Self-optimizing algorithms allow DrillSmart™ to adapt to the drilling dynamics of the rig as well as changes in geology.
  • A combination of physical controls and intuitive touchbased user interface makes the use of DrillSmart™ completely transparent to the driller who is ready to be productive as soonas the system is installed.