ROCKit ®

A patented directional steering control system that oscillates drill pipe to reduce friction and increase rate of penetration.

ROCKit ® Base System - Directional Steering Control


  • Patented technology that oscillates drill pipe to reduce drag and increase ROP
  • Precise angle offset control simplifies toolface orientation
  • Available as software upgrade on all Canrig AC top drives
  • Add-on technology for AC top drives from other vendors
Rockit screen

ROCKit ® HUD™ - Integrated MWD Heads Up Display


  • Integrated MWD toolface and survey data helps driller slide more effectively
  • Provides unambiguous, real-time toolface advisory
  • System “scores” the driller’s ability to maintain the toolface and slide effectively
  • Torque and delta pressure displayed on screen provide leading indicatorsof toolface steering problems

ROCKit ® Pilot™ - Automated Directional Steering Control


  • Extends ROCKit® HUD functionality to include automated slide control
  • Automatic toolface steering through top drive quill position control
  • Allows tuning of frequency and aggressiveness of steering interventions
  • Driller can combine manual control with ROCKit® Pilot™ automated steering


  • The ROCKit® Suite significantly increases ROP by rocking pipe and delivering ideal weight to bit.
  • It promotes improved toolface control by allowing fine adjustments while still drilling ahead, reducing the need for lubricants and other friction reducing additives.
  • Drillers save time by quickly setting toolface orientation.
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