Robotic Products

The drilling industry is discussing more and more that digitalization will be the key factor to get exploration and production prices down to a level that can match the current oil price level. However, in order to introduce digitalization, the industry has to develop the right tools. Digitalization will be hard to obtain with the conventional semi-automated, hydraulic equipment mixed with numerous manual operations. We believe that the right tools are precise and flexible, electric robots, which are easy to integrate.  When using the full robotic system on the drill floor, the robots perform the required work tasks in a fast, seamless, consistency and hands-free manner for improved efficiency and safety.  Robotic Products Include: 

Drill Floor Robot DFR 1500

  • Offers hands-free process by automating all pipe and tool operations on the drill floor 

Robotic Iron Roughneck RIR 270

  • World's first fully electric roughneck, the torque wrench and the backup-tong can be individually height adjusted to handle bottom-hole assemblies and other challenging make and brake operations

Multi-Size Elevator MSE 350 

  • MSE cooperates seamlessly with the pipe handler to ensure a fast and safe transfer of objects, through the weight negotiation feature of the robotic control system

Robotic Pipe Handler RPH 3500

  • A flexible nine degrees of freedom robot where the lower boom can operate between horizontal and vertical and therefore handle tubulars without a separate dedicated HTV machine