A proven real-time stick slip mitigation system that extends bit life, reduces tool failures and increased penetration rate, resulting in significant savings in drilling time and cost.


  • Advanced top drive automation provides real-time stick slip mitigation
  • Surface-based system: proven, reliable, simple, safe
  • Requires minimal input from the driller


  • REVit™ mitigates torsional oscillation in the drill string and prevents excessive BHA and bit acceleration.
  • Time savings are realized by increasing ROP, extending bit life, and minimizing nonproductive time incurred as                     a result of downholemotor and tool failures.
  • REVit™ expands the efficient drilling envelop enabling more aggressive drilling previously out of reach due to stick slip constraints.

To ensure optimal performance, the REVit™ service includes monitoring, training and reporting through RIGLINE 24/7™. Canrig’s team of certified REVit™ analysts provides parameters to tune the system, ensures that it is being used properly and sends reports with detailed metrics and usage scores to the well construction team.

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