Digital Mud Logging

Since 1979, Canrig has maintained a dominant position as the leading provider of mudlogging services in California, Alaska, the Rocky Mountain region and the Gulf Coast. Our proprietary software is a powerful, user-friendly database management program. It provides maximum flexibility for the collection, storage, export and digital presentation of mudlogging and engineering data.


DML (Digital Mudlogging Software) The DML program integrates all wellsite log data, including MWD/LWD/PWD and wireline electric logs, along with basic muldogging and drilling parameter data. More than 45 preconfigured presentation formats are available. A built-in format editor allows for the creation of an unlimited number of custom and ad hoc log presentations. The DML mudlog output is well designed, conforming to SPWLA and industry standards.

Remote Administration

This technology allows for remote diagnostics, testing and repair of the DML system by Canrig’s support staff. Many issues can be resolved without ever having to dispatch a technician to location.®

Canrig’s proprietary website allows for the collection and distribution of a complete set of wellsite data. It’s a one-stop location for viewing operator and contractor daily report information to sophisticated real-time drilling instrumentation logs and daily mudlogs.

Gas Detection

In 2006, Canrig introduced the next generation of totally redesigned E-Series™ Gas Detection equipment featuring improved electronics, more robust FID (Flame Ionization Detection) detectors, improved gas flow dynamics and faster response times. The hallmark of the E-Series™ Gas Detection equipment is consistent and repeatable calibrations, linear response and a high degree of reliability in the field.

Digital Photomicroscopy

Canrig is able to provide high-resolution digital photomicrographs of cutting samples taken at the wellsite. These digital files can be instantly viewed and immediately distributed to clients or customers. Images can be easily annotated with scales to show grain or crystal size or with text comments to highlight salient features of the sample.

Fluid Inclusion Technologies dq 1,000

The dq 1,000 is a portable mass spectrometer-based gas analyzer providing routine chemical analysis of paraffins, naphthenes, aromatics, organic acids, volatile inorganic compounds and mud additives. Each analysis cycle of the mass spectrometer is transmitted via WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer System) to Canrig’s real-time data acquisition system. The dq 1,000 output can help identify hydrocarbon type, faults, fluid phase contacts, reservoir compartmentalization and aids in geosteering to remain in pay zones.


Canrig continues to successfully recruit, hire and train highly qualified professionals for the position of logging geologist. Candidates must have at least a BS degree in geology. We currently employ more than 155 geologists with an average of six years of field experience. These professionals are dedicated to their craft. They are committed to providing accurate information, maintain an impeccable attention to detail and are in constant communication with their clients. The result of these standards is one of the most seasoned and experienced groups of logging professionals in the industry.